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Welcome to the wonderful world of Sofa Art!!!

This site is designed to specifically make people smile and browse through the work of a long time educator, artist, and self-proclaimed show off.

I have read many artist statements over the years.  Statements about their inner drive to create, their contribution to the well being of the world, their torturous journey to self awareness, their rather lengthy descriptions of perceived meaning in work.

And that may be well and good for some, but my artist statement is somewhat simpler……I make sofa art. 

There is no deep, spiritual meaning to my artwork.  You will not be moved to tears or anger by my artwork. World politics, social awareness, personal enlightenment will not be changed by my artwork.  On the other name, it does a bang up job of covering that pesky stain on the dining room wall and matches the new lazy boy quite well.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that artwork can forever change the lives of people.  Not long ago, I stood in front of Claude Monet’s Rouen Cathedral at the National Gallery in Washington and was moved to tears at the sheer beauty of it all.  I have visited museums and been transfixed by the power of paintings and sculpture.  There is a long list of artists that I admire as people of true talent.

But for me, I have no illusions of grandeur.  I am a cheerleader for the arts in all forms.  I love movies that entertain and enlighten…but are not hateful.  I can curl up with a book and disappear into the author’s world…..particularly if it is young adult literature (middle school influence).  Music is around me all of the time.  Live theater feeds my soul.  And then I can lose a whole day working on a painting or drawing because it has drawn me into the process.

So, there you have it.  The rantings of a sofa artist.  A middle school teacher by profession and choice.  A lover of the arts in almost all forms.  And a person who believes in kindness and creativity.

There is also a section for educators, particularly if you work with middle school students.  I have worked with 8th graders for 42 years….that’s the reason for the facial tic…..but I am a firm believer in middle level educators and their invaluable contribution to future.  Feel free to borrow ideas and send other ideas to me so that I can continue to build a store house of ideas.

Sarah M. Schaeffer

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